7 Reasons to Quit Smoking – Your Longevity Depends on it!

It’s difficult to have missed the fact that smoking isn’t good for you, and it’s possibly the single worst thing you can do, especially if you want to live a long and healthy life. If you need more reasons, then keep reading.

  1. Smoking is slowly poisoning you by constantly putting toxins into your body. It doesn’t allow your system to actually fully get rid of the toxins, so they build up in your system and over the long term you end up with arsenic and tar and all sorts of stuff in your tissues which isn’t a very good direction to be heading in if you want to extend your life.
  1. It’s just basically an addiction that you’ve not taken control of, so it’s still controlling you. A part of living a long and healthy life is not to be a slave to anything so you can just be free to make your own decisions and not be dictated to by the craving of an addiction.
  1. It is an expensive waste of money. Most of the cost of a cigarette is actually tax that you’re paying to the government. If you live in the UK you’re actually paying for your future hospital bills, because a lot of smokers tend to spend their last years suffering in hospital. Not a very pleasant way to live or to die and the government know that you will end up in hospital so they are taxing you now and you’re paying for your future hospital bill.
  1. You smell like an ashtray. Plain and simple, smokers smell bad. As a kid growing up I remember bumper stickers that said, “Kiss a Non-Smoker” and I think it still stands that non-smokers taste and smell better. You’re more likely to get some lip action if you’re a non-smoker
  1. Smoking makes you look older. If you compare a smoker with a non-smoker, side-by-side, the same age, the non-smoker will look significantly younger than the smoker. I was out with friends recently with my wife, who is 44 and a friend who has got a pretty hard-living lifestyle – she’s a bit of a party girl and a smoker – and she looked 15 to 20 years older than my wife even though they’re the same age. Maybe there is something to do with genetics, but it’s pretty clear as well, just looking at the smoker, that smokers look older.
  1. By smoking you’re reducing your cardio health. It’s affecting your heart and lungs and okay, maybe you go for a run now and then but generally all that nicotine and smoke is clogging up your system and reducing your cardio health. You’re ruining your lungs by constantly inhaling burning vegetation, even through a filter. It is having its effect on your lungs; your cilia are suffering (those are the little hairs in your throat which clear out the mucous) and they die over time. Also you get a lot of stuff sitting in your lungs and you’re encouraging calcification of your arteries. Your body’s response to cracks in the artery system is to harden them and nicotine and the poisons in the cigarettes are basically leading to cracks in the arteries, so you’re really hardening your arteries also.
  1. Smoking is contributing to your risk of cancer all round, basically. Not just mouth, throat and lung cancer, but bowel cancer, possibly testicular cancer and breast cancer all increase if you’re a smoker.

Hopefully just these 7 reasons are plenty of reasons to stop smoking.

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