Anti Aging Science and Medicine

The rate of change of science and technology is continuing at an exponential rate.  As we move forward into the new (or not so new) millennium, the technology available to us becomes more and more powerful.  The cost of production and the price to the consumer continues to drop.

Applications for anti aging science and medicine are being driven forward and expanded by consumer demand and there are ever more sophisticated health tracking software applications being developed and released all the time; what this means to the consumer is that the possibilities available to us, particularly in regards to the advances in anti aging medicine and science that relate to life extension, will have an increasingly positive effect on human health and due to the increasingly rapid rate of development, over time will come down in cost.

Soon we will have things such as nanotechnology that open up a whole host of possibilities on a cellular level that were once considered science fiction and will soon, maybe within the next 15 years, enter into mainstream consumer society.

Initially all of these anti aging technologies will just be for the rich; the wealthy celebrities and multibillionaire business tycoons, but over time the cost of this technology will come down significantly and enter into first the upper levels of society who have a more disposable income and then filter through, possibly with consumer quality products, but we should also be able to feel the benefits of these.

We really are on the edge of a time of amazing change and possibilities.  We already have portable touch-screen super-computers in our pockets that are connected to a superfast worldwide web of information and services that allow us to be instantly connected around the world.

Anti Aging Science

Just watch these videos for a hint at where we are heading:

Anti Aging Medicine

For example, there is a good change that what really killed Steve Jobs was the fact that he had a liver transplant and then needed immunosuppressant drugs to stop his body from rejecting the new organ.

So in future with things like organ cloning, if a heart wears out we can replace it, if we need new lungs we can grow them, if we wear out a liver or our kidneys we can swap them out.  Over time it will become cheaper and cheaper and easier and easier.  First of all maybe just a few people like celebrities or multimillionaires could afford it but this technology will over time become cheaper and more accessible.

Maybe in future People will go on holiday to China or Eastern Europe to grow a new liver and have a transplant.  The playing field will change so much and so quickly that the possibilities will astound many of us who are not ready for the changes and are not keeping abreast of developments.  The imagination may well be the limit of what becomes available to us in the future.