Longevity and Anti Aging

With advances in medicine, science and our understanding of the human body, new questions arise: Is it possible to live forever? Can we extend our life spans beyond that previously imagined? What can we do to increase our chances of living long enough to live forever?

This is my attempt to explore, chart and report on that journey

The purpose of the Life Extension Project…

We are living in times of unprecedented changes and developments in science, computing and medicine. Things previously imagined only in science fiction are now becoming much more real; we already have super small and portable, powerful computers in our pockets, connecting us wirelessly around the globe in fractions of seconds… The game of ageing is also changing. Leading lights in the field of Life Extension and Longevity are speaking out about the new possibilities that are becoming available to us.


This is one of the videos that inspired me to start my journey and begin the Life Extension Project: Aubrey De Grey from the wonderful TED conferences, which helped to set the context for my own exploration into Life Extension and the possibilities held there.

We are entering a dawning new age of medical and scientific breakthroughs; developments that will transform the world we live in – our bodies as human beings; potentially our relationship with living and dying, age related disease, health and death.

It is possible that within the next 20 to 40 years we may be able to stop aging as we know it, preserve our bodies in a youthful condition and for those who are already older, maybe to return them to a former state of health and vitality that we thought was lost. This will happen through a breakthrough in various fields – science, medicine, nutrition, exercise, psychology and spirituality.

This website hopes to be an exploration into those various fields on a practical and personal level so that we can start to practice and participate in this and try to make it reality – push that edge – and this website and blog is about my personal journey into that.